Porsche 911 body panel alignment

This 1973 911 came to us for an inspection as the body panel alignment had issues from previous restoration.

The car was painted as a complete restoration, we sent shell and panels to (SBL) Soda Blast Limited to remove paint for further inspection.

Once we got the body back to the workshop we seal shell into weld through primer to prevent rust and had a blank canvass for metal work. Next on to body jig / table to work out what was wrong using factory reference points and measurements. We can now rebuild the car correctly.

The customer put a lot of trust, time and money into previous restoration which was completed and restored incorrectly. We are now correcting this so watch this space to follow it’s progress.

Original UK right hand drive car, first of the impact bumper.

Colour : Porsche Sahara Beige
We used the Novol Classic Car range from Epoxy to Clear coat.